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Thursday, September 16, 2010


For sale.
Gray color. ( Macam gambar kat atas ni )
RM 600

You can read the specification in here ;


P/S : Beli la. Touch screen camera ok ! :D

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Life Swap

Life Swap by Jane Green
RM 5

Amber Winslow has got the kids , the hubby , the suburban home in Connecticut, USA - and the feeling that somehow life is passing her by.
Vicky Townsley id features editor at Poise! magazine in London, she's single, solvent and seriously succesful - but she's ditch it all for marriage, a country home and kids.
So one day when Poise! offers one lucky married reader the chance to life swap for amonth with a glamorous, single journalist, Amber puts pen to paper..
But neither Amber nor Vicky gets quite what they were expecting. And soon they find themselves asking: why does the grass look so much greener from the other side? 

The Sweetheart Season

The Sweetheart Season
RM 5

It is the summer of 1947 and the women of America are ready to welcome home the boys who went to war. All except for the small town of Magrit, where the men, having seen the wider world, are not coming back. And without young men to marry, the future fr the young women of Megrit looks bleak.
Guided by the advice of agony aunt Maggie Collins, Magrit takes action. And so the Sweetwheat Sweethearts are formed : a baseball team of nine young women, all workers at the local breakfast-cereal factory. Led by Irini Doyle, possessor of a fearsome throwing arm, made strong from kneading bread dough, the team prepare to take America by storm. Bust as the women tour the land, it becomes clear that all is not quite as it seems. And when a handsome stranger apperas in their midst, the girls' happiness and teamwork unravel..

Dangerous Girls

Dangerous Girls by R.L Stine
RM 10

Destiny Weller and her twin sister , Livvy, return from their summer vacation with an overpowering thirst - an inhuman desire to drink blood.
Have they turned into vampires ?
How will keep their horrifying secret from their family and friends ?
And can they find a way to become human again . . . before it's too late ?

Finally , my blogshop !

I've decided to make this blogshop long ago , but baru hari ni I ada masa. Hehe. So, enjoy shopping here :D